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This week I’d like to talk about my favorite color pairing in Magic, BUG. Black for hand disruption and removal, blue for permission, and green for big fat beats. Legacy in particular has the strongest cards available, and when all combined, you have a very fast, powerful and versatile deck that I’d argue is the best in legacy right now. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the tournament reports. 33 of the Top 184 decks at GP Paris ran BUG. Of the 8 decks that went 7-1 or better at the SCG Invitational Legacy portion, 5 were BUG. 3 of the Top 8 at SCG Milwaukee. And two wins at SCG Los Angeles and SCG Seattle, two weeks in a row. BUG is clearly the place to be. I’ll go over the various iterations of BUG in Legacy, some card choices, and why you should play the deck.

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Ghost from Future’s Past


This is my latest mad scientist build. My last article was Legion of Doom, where instead of Super-friends I went with Villains. This new brew is for Modern. It was off the cuff and just came out of my mind. The name came forth for several reasons. There is a “Creature” in the deck they kills but still allows the fallen to interact with the living. A GHOST of themselves you could say. The decks ability to deal with the cards in my opponents deck (future) and cards in their hand (past). Mostly ignoring the PRESENT board state. My strength is in being a Black Mana mage (using green or white as support)…so when I give a peek behind the curtain. It’s well worth it.

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I saw this Standard deck on Mana Deprived last week called Crouching Magus, Hidden Strings (originator: Greg Hatch). It was so, so very strange, and Jay Lansdaal’s article was so enthusiastic and refreshing, I immediately brought the list into Magic Workstation and started fiddling with it.  I was completely blown away. Check out my version below, and see if you can spot the insanity:

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SCG Invitational Predictions

As far as Standard goes, there’s only three decks after this weekend. Esper Control, the decks that beat Esper Control, and the decks that beat the decks that beat Esper Control. Since the players that have an invitation tend to be experienced and skilled, bad deck choices or wacky brews are unlikely to be present, and certainly won’t do very well. This Standard is also a format where rapid changes have taken place recently and the deck a player qualified with probably is a little outdated here. Most good players will recognize the value of playing to the metagame rather than playing the deck you know in this Standard. Lets go over the three choices:

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Eye of the Tiger on North Carolina

Modern PTQ season is coming and we can’t stop it. Cards are a better investment than gold right now and people are going crazy about butt cracks. Yea things are shaking up in our community. At the same time, my focus hasn’t shifted. I’ve worked hard to go to North Carolina and I’m not letting 4,300 people distract me from my goal. I’ve got the eye of the tiger.

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Scapeshift at Richmond and How I Got There

Those of you from Hampton Roads most likely know me, but in case we have not been acquainted before my name is Daryl Ayers. I am a competitive player who has had some success in older formats in particular, namely Modern and Legacy. In these formats I would like to believe that I am known for my love of RUG decks. In Legacy this means RUG Delver and in Modern this means Scapeshift.

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