Rattleclaw Mystic

Morphing Into Standard

Morph Is Back Guys and Gals!

If you haven’t already heard, morph is coming back to standard with the new set Khans of Tarkir and it’s cause for celebration! Morph alters gameplay in a lot of ways and it isn’t something to be taken lightly, and if anything causes me to get excited it’s things that warp formats!

How to Play With Morph

All cards with a morph cost you may play by paying the alternate cost of 3 colorless to play face down. The face down card is a 2/2 creature with no text, no name, no subtypes, and no mana cost. As you play it face down it can still be countered. The morph cost is what you must pay to flip the card face up from the face down position, some cards even have an ability that happens when you morph them face up. You may use morph abilities at instant speed any time you have priority. Morphing a card is a special action and does not use the stack and players cannot respond to it.

What’s So Great About Morph?

You can play spells that have morph without paying colored mana, so while you may not have your mana totally set up yet, you can still play cards. It also lets you play high mana cost cards very early and give them a use until you get enough mana to morph them, like Akroma.

Morph adds a new layer of hidden information to the game. If you play multiple different morph cards in your deck your opponent won’t know which is more important than the other, or what the correct way to handle them is.

It’s never just a 2/2. Just because a 2/2 creature is attacking that doesn’t mean they can block with their 3/3 creature and not have it die. If you leave up mana you can morph the creature into one bigger than theirs or even trigger an ability that changes the board, like Icefeather Aven.

Even if you don’t leave up mana you can still flip up certain morph cards, like Gathan Raiders or Zombie Cutthroat.

Some of their morph abilities are very relevant, especially when you don’t know what ability it is. Be careful using conditional removal such as doom blade, it could always be an Abzan Guide. But spoiler, it’s always Willbender, even when it isn’t, it is.

There are also cards with morph that aren’t creatures when they morph, so using a removal spell on them might not always work.

What This Means For Standard

While I don’t play standard I can deduce a few things. The first is that Drown in Sorrow is going to be much stronger because all morphed creatures are 2/2. The second people are already talking about is Rattleclaw Mystic and how you can go from 3 mana to 6 mana on turn 4, but this one will be pretty obvious so I’m not 100% on whether hiding it actually matters.

What This Means For Draft

Drafting with morph changes things. While one standalone morph card is good, in some cases it’s easy to deduce what the card is, especially if that’s the only one you play. So a good strategy is once you have one you should value other ones a bit more highly, even if they aren’t the best, to keep your opponent guessing. This works especially well if you are like me and love to bluff. Understanding certain patterns of attacks and leaving certain mana open to make it look like you have a really good morph when in truth you have a bad one is just like playing with pump spells. As long as you show it to your opponent once, or play in such a way that they think you have it, they will play around it which often gives you an advantage.

That’s it for me this time folks. Expect more from me as we morph our way through Khans of Tarkir. Nathan out.

Legacy Jund

SCG Baltimore – Legacy Tournament Report

I started playing Magic a little over 3 1/2 years ago when a couple of friends randomly asked if I still had my cards from middle school. That turned into casual games with them from time to time. Eventually that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to play more often than they could. I did some research online and found this thing called Friday Night Magic, called my local game store and a few days later showed up to my first FNM. I was in for a rude awakening. While there were only 8 people that first Friday I couldn’t beat one I faced. I quickly learned that a preconstructed infect deck was not good in the land of titans and eldrazi. I may have gone 0-3 that night not winning a single game but that lit a fire in me that still burns today. I had to get better. I had to buy better cards. I had to learn how to play competitive magic. I was hooked! I started playing as much as I could, learning all the time. Once I got the hang of FNM I still wanted more, so it was onto StarCityGames Opens, IQs, and Grand Prix. Read More Here

Grand Prix Atlanta Playmat

GP Atlanta – A Tournament in Black and White

I really referred to this as Grand Prix HOTLANTA all weekend, but I didn’t want to confuse anyone by the title…anyways, hello again guys, I’m back with another tournament report!  This was the farthest I’ve ever driven for a tournament, most of you all know that I live in Virginia, so it was about an eleven hour drive for my friends and I.  We had to go to this though, the competition would be stacked since the Pro Tour was just the previous weekend, and we were just itching to play some high level players.  We left on Thursday night and drove straight through the morning to make it to the tournament hall on Friday with just enough time to play in a last chance sealed trial.  So without further adieu, let’s get started!
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Deck of the Week – Curtis Richardson | Grixis Control

Hello everyone this is Spencer Milligan, part of the Kaboom team bringing you a new segment called “Deck of the Week.” We will be going over a deck that has been catching my eye for the past couple of weeks now. I have been playing magic for what seems like forever now, and it has been a while since I’ve seen a good Grixis deck. For deck of the week, we aren’t always looking for the very best deck, or the latest net deck. We like to find decks from out local players, folks doing things a bit outside the box. Will played Grixis for a bit after Theros, and found that it dominated the Mono Blue and Mono Black matchup. So what does Curtis have to say about Grixis?  When I sat down to talk with him about the deck, this was his opening comment.
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theros block

Theros Block Draft

After a long day of Magic at the IQ, Will and Eric take on a Theros Block draft. Results weren’t too great, but it was a ton of fun! Thanks for watching, and stay tuned for more draft videos from Kaboom!

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Scapeshift mtg

The Complete RUG Scapeshift Primer

As promised, I planned to deliver this article, but I have been very busy lately and I have lost a little faith in Scapeshift while testing some other strategies. None the less, I believe that with proper practice and the right metagame Scapeshift can be one of the most powerful decks available to you.

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