Dragon’s Maze Spoiler and Panel Info PAX

Information on Dragon’s Maze is in from PAX, with a lot of awesome artwork and one BIG, MEAN Gruul Champion….Ruric Thar, the Unbound….Looking forward to someone taking 6 damage for casting an Azorius Charm! We also have the next sets to be released, Theros, Born Of The Gods, Journey into Nyx. Below is the panel info transcribed from the event, as well as the official wording from the Mythic land, Maze’s End.


Maze’s End

Land (Mythic)

Maze’s End enters the battlefield tapped.

Tap: Add 1 to your mana pool.

3, Tap, Return Maze’s End to its owner’s hand: Search your library for a Gate card, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library. If you control ten or more Gates with different names, you win the game.


So…sure…a Mythic Land…sounds awesome…This card…not so much :(

10:31 – Marshall Sutcliffe said that the panel is being recorded, but it won’t be streaming. It will be released sometime after the panel.
10:35 – @David_Leavitt tweets this photo. Looks like we’re almost good to go.
10:41 – @Richstein13 “Taking about DotP 2014 which features Chandra. Big applause for mobile releases. (Rich) #paxeast”
10:42 – “Friends” announced as Theros. @Marshall_LR:https://twitter.com/Marshall_LR/stat…182209/photo/1
10:44 – “Romans” and Countrymen” announced as “Born of the Gods” and “Journey Into Nix” @Mulldrifting “https://twitter.com/mulldrifting/sta…254721/photo/1
10:46 – @Dr_Jeebus “Just saw a video with all 10 guild champions. I think more new ones than new guild leaders.”
10:47 – @Wizards_Magic “(Sean) #MTGDGM (Dragon’s Maze) will feature the maze discovered by Niv Mizzet, and will determine the ruler of the Ravnica guilds.”
10:49 – @Wizards_Magic “(Sean) There will be 10 champions – one for each guild, who will run the maze. #MTGDGM”
10:53 – @Dr_Jeebus gives us the Gruul Champion text: “Ruric-That, the Unborn 4GR, mythic, Legendary Creature – 6/6 vigilance reach. Must attack. Whenever anyone plays a noncreature, they take 6.”
10:53 – @Dr_Jeebus “Guildgates all have “new” art. They’re all zoomed out from the original artwork.”
10:57 – @David_Leavitt tweets this art: https://twitter.com/David_Leavitt/st…281920/photo/1
10:59 – All three eBooks, via @Mulldrifting https://twitter.com/mulldrifting/sta…960576/photo/1
11:00 – All Guild Champions are RARE. Full Ruric Thar, the Unbound (Gruul Champion) from @mtgleaks https://twitter.com/mtgleaks/status/…016448/photo/1
11:02 – The Poster of the maze that will be used at the prerelease. @Mulldrifting https://twitter.com/mulldrifting/sta…265792/photo/1
11:03 – Maze’s End does excatly as spoiled (via @Dr_Jeebus). EDIT: “Oh, win condition triggers when you search for a land, not eot as previously thought.” Only photo so far (looks like to be the prerelease foil), via @Mulldrifting https://twitter.com/mulldrifting/sta…388225/photo/1
11:06 – @Mulldrifting “Completing the Maze at your Prerelease gets you a special code that you can redeem.” https://twitter.com/mulldrifting/sta…450304/photo/1
11:07 – Q&A time, via @Dr_Jeebus
11:14 – @Dr_Jeebus “On Modern Masters: “It will be available, but it won’t be available for very long.”
11:16 – @Mulldrifting “”With Modern we feel like we’re almost there.” – “if you want Scg to run Modern you should let them know that” Scott Larabee” (So, tell @Mulldrifting) EDIT: “Context for “almost there” – He means the Modern ban list and its experimentation period @ScottLarabee”
11:16 – @Dr_Jeebus “Gates must have ten different names for Maze’s End’s win con.”
11:20 – @Mulldrifting “Cipher underpowered? “I feel like we got a better handle on cipher costs and effects for Limited” @davetron”
11:23 – @Wizards_Magic “(Sean) Q: What do you want to see for the future of Magic? A: (Lots of answers) Accessibility across platforms. Easier to access.”
11:26 – @Wizards_Magic “(Sean) Legendary creature roles changed a bit when Planeswalkers were created. In R&D we consider every Legendary’s role in Commander.”
11:27 – @Wizards_Magic “(Sean) Q: #MTGGTC seemed more Commander influenced than #MTGRTR in terms of creature costs vs effects.”
EDIT: @Wizard_Magic “A: (long answer) We never want two sets to seem exactly the same. We also weigh the needs of Legacy and other formats for long term R&D.”
11:29 – @Mulldrifting “They did admit Geist of St Traft and Invisible Stalker were too efficient @davetron #MTG #PAX”
11:34 – @Richstein13 “Q: (Izzet) How intertwined will paper and online game become? A: Will only get digital products, not paper, from promo code (Rich) #paxeast”
11:39 – @Wizards_Magic “(Sean) Q: On mana ramp cards. A: Ramp can be easily over saturated in STD format. There was purposefully less in #MTGGTC.”
EDIT: @Wizards_Magic “Cont.- we know ramping to large creatures is fun, but in STD environments, too much ramp potentially dominates interactions vs other decks.”
11:14 – @mulldrifting shows a Chandra handout as they leave the hall. EDIT: Seems to be a limited printing signed by the artist. Looks like the panel is over.

Guild Champions with their art:
Azorius – Lavinia of the Tenth (https://twitter.com/David_Leavitt/st…354816/photo/1)
Boros – Tajic, Blade of the Legion (https://twitter.com/mulldrifting/sta…123328/photo/1)
Dimir – Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker (https://twitter.com/David_Leavitt/st…932416/photo/1)
Golgari – Varloz, the Scar-Striped (https://twitter.com/David_Leavitt/st…484032/photo/1)
Gruul – Ruric-Thar, The Unbowed (https://twitter.com/mulldrifting/sta…265921/photo/1)
Izzet – Melek, Izzet Paragon https://twitter.com/David_Leavitt/st…706432/photo/1
Orzhov – Teysa, Envy of Ghosts (https://twitter.com/mulldrifting/sta…290560/photo/1)
Rakdos – Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch (https://twitter.com/mulldrifting/sta…701504/photo/1)
Selesnya – Emmara Tandris (https://twitter.com/David_Leavitt/st…586881/photo/1)
Simic – Vorel of the Hull Clade (https://twitter.com/mulldrifting/sta…504128/photo/1)

Various arts:
- https://twitter.com/David_Leavitt/st…281920/photo/1
- https://twitter.com/mulldrifting/sta…460864/photo/1
- https://twitter.com/mulldrifting/sta…123456/photo/1
- https://twitter.com/mulldrifting/sta…280256/photo/1
- https://twitter.com/mulldrifting/sta…665728/photo/1

There you have it. The latest and greatest info on Dragon’s Maze. Be sure to come out for our Pre Release events. The first Pre Release held at Kaboom will be APRIL 27TH at MIDNIGHT. Entry is $25, and that includes a soda and a snack. Going to be a packed house, be sure to get here early! Until then, have fun slinging spells, and be sure to stop in for one of our tournaments, we have one every day of the week. Cheers!

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