Ral Zarek Spoiler

Ral Zarek is here. I don’t know about you, but taking 5 extra turns seems pretty good. Now, is that going to happen…probably not. We could get all Pascal’s Triangle on this…but don’t really need to. If you pop Ral, and don’t land at LEAST an extra turn…you have SERIOUSLY bad luck, and should probably hide away under Mosswort Bridge.

So…without further adieu….



Ral Zarek - PlaneswalkerThoughts? Gripes? Complaints? I think that Grixis is a thing…I’ve played through 15 or so matches over the past week against Grixis decks on MTGO, and they are getting better and tougher to deal with. Stay tuned, we’ll be brewing up at least one BUG and Grixis list with Ral. Have ideas you want featured on the site? Send your deck list to cbretail@comicbooked.com or stop by and say hello on our FACEBOOK page.

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